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Get involved with the Lawrenceburg Alumni Association and stay connected with your classmates. Use our Tiger Directory to find and reconnect with old friends, browse upcoming events, and get involved. We're here to provide a central organization for alumni of Lawrenceburg High School.


Our association is committed to providing programs and projects that benefit our alumni and the Lawrenceburg High School community. We organize events such as class reunions, career fairs, and community service projects. We also provide scholarships for students and support for school programs.

Alumni Networking

Join our network of Lawrenceburg High School alumni and stay connected with your old friends and classmates. Our Tiger Directory makes it easy to find and reconnect with your peers. Attend our alumni events and stay involved with the Lawrenceburg High School community.

Community Involvement

Our association is committed to making a positive impact in the Lawrenceburg community. We organize community service projects and volunteer opportunities for our alumni to give back to the community.

Supporting Education

We believe in supporting education and the next generation of Lawrenceburg High School students. Our association provides scholarships for students and supports school programs to ensure that students have the resources they need to succeed.


We rely on the support of our alumni to continue providing programs and support for the Lawrenceburg High School community. Help us continue our mission by donating to our fundraising campaigns.

Reunions and Events

Join us for our annual class reunions and other events to reconnect with your classmates and reminisce about your time at Lawrenceburg High School. Stay updated on upcoming events through our Tiger Directory and social media channels.


Our association provides mentorship opportunities for students and alumni. Connect with professionals in your field and give back to the Lawrenceburg High School community by sharing your knowledge and experience.


Stay Connected with Lawrenceburg High School Alumni

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